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Born in Maryland, USA

Welcome to 8 Lucky Forests, a place to immerse in cute finds and K Beauty

Since our establishment in 2023, we have meticulously worked to create a space brimming with awesomely cute items and Korean skincare products. As a gift store, we offer a range of items including bags, accessories, household, toys and more. They are adorable and often functionally useful. Our K Beauty series of products are Made in Korea skincare options that are convenient, travel friendly, and great for a relaxing self-care day. We source our skincare products directly from the brands and distributors after a selection process. Our ultimate goal is to create welcoming vibes, evoke joy, and create beautiful memories in picking out the perfect gift for yourself or someone special

Our Mascot: Lucky




charmingly cute, loves to laugh, happy, and always smiling. Enjoys using Korean beauty products to pamper itself


kawaii, carries a bag filled with joyful treasures

Hello there! My name is Lucky, your purrfectly adorable friend. I am on a mission to spread happiness, surrounded by all things cute and cuddly! 😺🌈

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