About Us

Born in Maryland, USA

Welcome to 8 Lucky Forests, a homegrown brand from Maryland, USA. Founded in 2023, it embodies good fortune and welcoming vibes. Each of our items is carefully curated to be infused with the spirit of our happy mascot, Lucky. They are not just gifts, they are carriers of joy, designed to brighten spaces and bring smiles to faces.

Join us on our journey to spread joy and positivity, one gift at a time, and welcome to our world - where every product tells a story of happiness and every customer becomes a part of our joyous journey.

Our Mascot: Lucky




charmingly cute, loves to laugh, happy, and always smiling


kawaii, carries a bag filled with joyful treasures

Hello there! My name is Lucky, your purrfectly adorable friend. I am on a mission to spread happiness, surrounded by all things cute and cuddly! 😺🌈

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